"The training is easier to jump into than our product. It has to be idiot proof." - Josh Childs, Director of Design and Development

InRentive_ThumbnailLearnCore has been critical to increasing the usage of inRentive’s platform while providing an unexpected surprise on the value that the reporting offers.

+ LearnCore drives faster customer adoption

+ Predicting at risk customers – customers who go through LearnCore courses are more likely to actively use the inRentive platform.

+ Significantly more scalable training and improved customer onboarding process for inRentive.

+ inRentive retained an at risk customer – The reporting on LearnCore showed that very few users for the customers went through the training. This was messaged to the manager and after some encouragement to take training – adoption of inRentive was significantly improve.

+ LearnCore has provided an easy to use training experience for inRentive customers.

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