On Controls

"We've sold more and had fewer support calls because of LearnCore" - Hannah Webber, Director of Operations

Screen_Shot_2015-08-20_at_2.04.17_PMUsing LearnCore made the entire training process easier, while resulting in positive ROI investment for On Controls after the first 2 weeks of launching.

+ Time Savings: On Controls has freed up their training time from 20 hours a week, down to 30 minutes spent logging into LearnCore throughout the week to track learner’s progress or make course updates – a 4,000% improvement!

+ Reseller Knowledge Retention: While any move from live training to video would have decreased the time spent leading training, not every video tool can prove knowledge retention. As a result of using LearnCore, the number of support calls has decreased, and calls with basic questions are a thing of the past!

+ Increased Revenue: On Controls resellers are selling more products per reseller with LearnCore than before.

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